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ooolalaAn ecological approach

Ooolala is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through a low-carbon approach.

To initiate this approach, Ooolala publishes the carbon footprint of its activities for the year 2022 and sets targets for a 30% reduction by 2025. This carbon footprint has been calculated by the Workflowers agency.

View our carbon footprint for 2022 below:

What are our commitments?

  • To collect reliable carbon impact data for more effective actions: thanks to ecooo technology, we are able to accurately monitor and adapt our daily carbon emissions. This ability enables us to understand the impact of our actions and is essential to improving our practices.
  • To calculate the carbon footprint of all of our productions: we are committed to producing a carbon audit of all our productions based on ecooo and the expertise of recognised experts in carbon footprinting.
  • To facilitate the use of sustainable modes of transport for employees: through the implementation in 2023 of “sustainable mobility” schemes.
  • Choosing our equipment according to its eco score : Our purchases are sourced according to the carbon impact of their manufacture and transportation as well as their energy performance.
  • Prolonging the life of our equipment thanks to our data room, which is designed in an eco-responsible way (thanks to a cold aisle system.) We can thus reduce our energy consumption and prolong the life of our equipment.
  • The second life of our equipment: thanks to the association La Cartouch’verte, Ooolala has a partnership with Dynam’co, a sustainable workshop, which offers a second life to all our computer and office equipment.
  • Reducing our production of waste: through the collection of organic waste in partnership with the Roval’terre association, which collects and provides this waste to a group of organic farmers.

Working to reduce our environmental impact is a long-term process. Please give us your feedback and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve our practices.