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Studio d'animation 2D

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2D animation Studio

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The upside down river

Who ?

Small factory, great talent

At ooolala, we kept our eyes wide open, but then we decided to focus them on 2D animation.
Here, we make beautiful images with a multi-talented team.

Six eyes open, one single vision

Jean-Baptiste Wery


Marion Claret

Head of studio

Emmanuèle Pétry-Sirvin

Head of development

How ?

Knowing how to make beautiful things

Making children’s eyes shine is a vocation, but it is also our job. At Ooolala we are proud to produce great images and projects.

We adapt to the artistic

From harmony to tv paint, from watercolor to digital painting, from ambitious series to intimate projects, we are open to ambitious projects and new approaches. With a capacity of up to 100 artists on site and the possibility of multi-site integration, we match the technical and artistic aspects to best serve the film and its purpose.

Far from the hustle and bustle but at the heart of animation

Based in the Cartoucherie in the Drôme valley, we benefit from an ethical and ecological ecosystem, within a local training and employment pool dedicated to storytelling and images.

Ecology as a spearhead

Ooolala is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through a low carbon approach.
To initiate this approach, Ooolala publishes the carbon footprint of its activities for the year 2022 and sets targets for a 30% reduction by 2025.

Where ?

The Cartoucherie

Where talents converge, come and stock up on creative ammunition!

The cartridge factory has a history that starts in 1855. Initially a textile factory, it was transformed into a cartridge factory before finally being transformed in 2009 into a center of excellence for animation. Today, the site is classified as a historic monument in the Drôme. With a dozen schools and animation studios, the cartridge factory is an emblem of the Valence Romans agglomeration.
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