2D animation Studio

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2D Animation Studio

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Who ?

Small factory, great talent

Do you know Dandelooo ? Then we already know each other a little!
At Ooolala, we kept our eyes wide open, but then we decided to focus them on 2D animation. Here, we make beautiful images with a multi-talented team.

Six eyes, one single vision

Say hellooo to our founders

Line producer

Jean Baptiste Wery

With a CV as long as his arm, Jean-Baptiste is not afraid to fight tooth and nail when it comes to defending his projects.
Having studied at the Gobelins Animation School in Paris and then Method films, he put the theory into practice as production manager and producer at Sacrebleu Productions.
With a penchant for puns, he then studied story editing at the CEEA European Screenwriting School in Paris. But his inner child soon caught up with him and led him to TF1, where he became programme advisor before taking wing with Dandelooo and migrating south with Ooolala.
Head of development

Emmanuele Pétry

Emmanuele does not like Excel spreadsheets but she loves books and excels in spreading her joy and vision to the world around her.
She broke the ice with the industry at Nelvana, where she was in charge of international sales and then development. Seventeen years later she made her entrance at Millimages. But time passes fast, and 2 Minutes later, she found herself in charge of development at Royaume. From there, she decided to co-found her own company, Dandelooo. And now, here she is at Ooolala.
Studio director

Cristobal Martinez

Cristobal didn’t discover America, but that hasn’t stopped him from bringing many projects safely into port.
Having left the Gobelins Animation School, our young cabin boy immediately headed for Millimages then Saban International as production and realization assistant.
At Sacrebleu, he was promoted to production manager. He then made a few stopovers at MoonScoop, Carrère Animation and Néomis.
Captain of the 421 Studio and of productions at Téle Images kids, then executive producer at a variety of latitudes, our hyperactive sailor also paddles his own canoe as a self-taught author.
But it was in Drôme that he finally dropped anchor, joining forces with Emmanuele Petry and Jean Baptiste Wery in the Ooolala studio!

What ?

Designing/graphics, storyboards, 2D layout, digital 2D animation, (Toonboom and TV paint) colouring, 2D VFX, compositing

How ?

Knowing how to make beautiful things

Making children’s eyes shine is a vocation, but it is also our job. At Ooolala we are proud to produce great images and projects.

The art and the way

Thanks to our exceptional team, we control the entire production chain. We provide you with tailor-made support and state-of-the-art production, from start to finish. Incredible but true: we deliver on time and we respect your budget.

Far from the hustle and bustle but at the heart of animation

We went green! Based in the Cartoucherie in the Drôme valley, we benefit from an ethical and ecological ecosystem, within a local training and employment pool dedicated to storytelling and images.

Where ?

The cartoOocherie

Where talents converge, come and stock up on creative ammunition!


La Cartoucherie
33 rue de Chony
26500 Bourg les Valence
+33 4 69 11 91 40